Liberty State Park Anchorage

So we anchored just around the corner at Liberty State Park and it was fantastic, no wakes no waves it was a little windy and we took a dingy ride and tied up and walked the park. Did not know they had an explosion here that actually blew parts to the statue that must be […]


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Travel to New York City

So we left and are now on our way to New York City so exciting. More pictures than words. WE are in a canal and every few yards they have ladders to get out of the canal does that tell you something. Don’t forget it is overcast and raining. Lots of cruise ships in the […]

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Brick anchorage

So we came to rest in Brick and we went with Bob an Natalie to the Legend Order 348. Now the first nite at the legend we left and went to a restaurant for pizza after and then back to the legend to pick up pur dingy’s.  Got to admit everyone in New Jersey was […]

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Atlantic City

This is Atlantic City at night, remember it is a casino city. This message board was asking Jessica to marry him. So we left the next morning and this is what we come through, remember there is a beach and everyone goes fishing.  This is Bob N Along going through the markers. Now it is […]

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Arrived Atlantic City

Here is our anchorage, Nice spot called Brigatine 1. We had Bob and Natalie over for a drink and then the other boat came over as well so we had docktails. This was our sunset. And this is the moon rising at the back of our boat.  John and I went exploring in the morning […]

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Arrived Cape May

So this is the entrance to Cape May it was really foggy, They have several tour boats to take people out whale watching and dolphin watching I did not see any but everyone else did. The fog blows in real quick. Now that property has a trailer on it and this is his slip for […]

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Leaving Cohansey River Inlet.

So this anchorage was beautiful so many birds you could not count.This is where we anchored for the nite. Lots of Osprey and Bald Eagles. We believe we even got a Golden eagle picture. Now this was scary as bald eagle and a turkey vulture sharing space.  But that beak just does not look like […]

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Leaving Still Creek Pond

I have never seen so many Osprey and Eagles in one area before. They would swoop down and grab a fish in the water and fly off.  So quick they are. I could have stayed in this bay a week.  It is fresh water, it was just like glass and well protected. Now we left […]

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Leaving Annapolis

Well we fueled up, pumped out and they had a parade at the  waterfront. Now it is foggy and overcast. It is memorial day and they Navy Academy look so good in their uniforms. This is the anchor balls at the marina. We are off and running. Some nice homes and yards along the way.  […]

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We arrived Yacht Basin Marina, and did laundry, and talked to Au Contraire and Tanuki and went out for dinner at the Yacht Club Au Contraire is a member at.  Great to see everyone and we had a lovely evening. Now when we arrived the harbour was busy with activity as the Navy Academy had […]

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