Arrived Atlantic City



Here is our anchorage, Nice spot called Brigatine 1.


We had Bob and Natalie over for a drink and then the other boat came over as well so we had docktails.


This was our sunset.DSC02262.JPG

And this is the moon rising at the back of our boat.  John and I went exploring in the morning and went into the ocean.DSC02263.JPG


I think the dingy gives as big a wave as the ocean.



This is the beach just around the corner.  It is a park and they drive their vehicles in park them on the beach and bring out the barbie, tables and make a day of it.


Thats our anchorage.  We left the beach and went to a dock that you can tie up to for a limited time free.





Took a quick tour by the waterfront and came across an aquarium so I begged John to pay for us to visit.  It is not like Chicago or anywhere else it was really small.DSC02275 (2).JPG

Checked out the marinas and found 3 other loopers and then came back to the boat.

By the way Coast Guard is not far away.


Thats it for today I am now up to date.




3 thoughts on “Arrived Atlantic City

  1. Hi Kara and John, I feel like I am with you except I have no boat or sinks to plug. You seem to be making good time. When do you think you will be back in our part of the country. It is warming up. Our area where we live had a garage sale last Saturday and fifty homes participated. Some very happy people with lots of bucks.

    Do you have Lisa and Bobby’s phone number at the cottage and their home? Would like to get in touch with them.

    Take care, safe Journey, loving your blog.

    Dale and John


  2. Nice anchorage again!
    How was running the Absecon inlet in the dinghy, any problems?
    Are you going to stay in the NJICW up to Manasquan?


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