Brick anchorage

So we came to rest in Brick and we went with Bob an Natalie to the Legend Order 348.100_9250.JPG


Now the first nite at the legend we left and went to a restaurant for pizza after and then back to the legend to pick up pur dingy’s.  Got to admit everyone in New Jersey was fantastic told us stories and helped us out on several issues.


We sat at the bar outside.  Met Robert and Robert gave us some frozen partridge burgers and a tomato plant for us to take on a journey and send him pictures every now and again. Here’s Robert he came back at 7AM to drop everything off for us as we were leaving that day.DSC02316.JPG

John and I took a dingy ride down the creek and ran into this snarly little beast,  He was protecting the other half and the babies but he came at us full bore and we turned and ran the other way.  Swans can be very defensive..




So we left in the morning and headed for New York City.






One thought on “Brick anchorage

  1. Better that he protect than not care. They look so beautiful. I did not know they can be that vicious. Looks can be deceiving!


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