Travel to New York City

So we left and are now on our way to New York City so exciting. More pictures than words.


WE are in a canal and every few yards they have ladders to get out of the canal does that tell you something.




Don’t forget it is overcast and raining.




Lots of cruise ships in the channel




Coming past Sandy Hook, now we were in the ocean for 40 miles and now coming into New York Harbour.





This is an old fort on the New Jersey side coming into New York just past the bridge. Named Fort Wentworth.  Bridge is Verandazro Narrows Bridge one of 8 longest free standing bridges.


You can see hundreds of people at the statue of Liberty.  We are heading for an anchorage called Liberty State Park so we should see her tonite as well.


This is the anchorage for the nite and Bob and Natalie are here with us.  Great view.



Okay so she has her back to us.  But still nice to see.


DSC02341 (2).JPG


That,s the bridge we came under earlier in the day.  Now I must mention John has disabled the AIS for transmit as we got a call from Coast Guard asking a  lot of questions and told to go to 06 and respond they asked a lot of personal questions and this is broadcast over the channel lot of people heard it.  When they asked Johns Birth date that upset me so we finally said to call the phone.  We waited on 06 for 2 hours before they got back to us then said they had no one to come to our location to check our cruising pass so could we e-mail it.  We did to the phone number they talked to us on. End of story but beware about transmit on AIS we still have receive.  I understand why but not on an open channel.


So until tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Travel to New York City

  1. Pretty impressive coming into THAT harbour – with the tankers and taxi’s – lots of commotion! We’ve been following your blog on the journey – you have seen so many places, creatures, and obviously met some terrific folks along the way. Wishing you some calm seas and sunshine!


  2. Was that the Point Pleasant Canal leading to the Manasquan Inlet? Any bumping bottom along the way?
    Your Liberty Island anchorage looks fabulous! Hopefully not to many wakes where you are.


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