Arrived Kingston Mills

Okay I was unable to finish my posts as one I had no wifi and two because I did not have my computer to try to finish the blog so now I’m back and will finish it off. Stayed At Kingston Mills a couple of days to pick up Payton in Barrie.  Road Trip in […]

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Arrived Brewers Lock

So before we left Jones Falls and went to Lower Brewers Lock for the nite. We toured the dam and the  Falls and the Sweeney home. Stayed at Brewers Lock and ate at the picnic table met lots of other boats. Left in the morning to head to Kingston Mills Lock. We are now at […]

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Arrived Smiths Falls

Met up with Bob and Nat again and toured the museum. Now these are the boats they rent for $5000.00 a week and they have 18 of them they rent all but 3 were rented.  They can only go max 6 knots and from Kingston to Ottawa only. So now we are off and staying […]

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Arriving Montreal

Old Montreal Jacques Cartier Marina. So we heard from everyone we had to visit the cold room so John  rang the bell for them to come up and open up for us to grab a drink. That was our experience in the cold room really quaint. They had a zip line you could go on […]

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Left Fort Ticonderoga

Left the fort it is a beautiful day and so much to see on the river. International Paper Company shown below We have New York on one side and Vermont on the other.  Big Bridge joining the two states. Heres a picture of an old fort at Crown Point. Now we are approaching Burlington,Vermont  the […]

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Left Waterford

We left Waterford and headed to Champlain Lock #1 passed Mechanicville which had a free dock with hydro and locked through 7 locks and turned up a creek to Fort Edward free dock and Hydro.  Tired it was a long day. Now John wanted me to go for a walk into town but I was […]

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Saugerties to Athens

Left Saugerties and  Athens free dock On our way again. You gotta watch where you go with the big ships. This navy ship is a museum. We arrived in Troy at a free dock. This is where Nat and Bob will go one way and we the other.    

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Left Bannemans Castle

On our way again. This is the lighthouse built in 1871 in Kingston, NY in the river. The next lighthouse they rent out and it is quite unique. We are in Esposus Creek Saugerties town and had a great time we spent 2 days wondering around this town and checking out the lighthouses.  Had an […]

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Left Half Moon Bay

Left the marina which was a treat and well protected, Steve was the best. Traveled past West Point the Largest military training basin in the world. Coming up to Break Neck Point kids climbing the rock it is a long way up there. We anchored at Bannerman Island Castle and there is a ;lot of […]

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New York City

We arrived at Half Bay Moon Marina and what a welcome Steve is fantastic, John and I took the train to New York City the next day. That train ride was exciting $7.00 all the way to Grand Central Station $14.00 for both ways.  Great way to travel. The Chrysler  Building. We went to the […]

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