Leaving Solomons, MA Mills Creek

So the next morning we got up and decided to push on a little late.  Just want to say Chesapeake Bay is a large body of water.



Lots of Osprey around here and along the way.



They generally make their nests at the markers.  Better fishing that way.



Lots of activity here as well with helicopters.




Lots of houses on the cliff. and then we came across this for the fuel boats to come in and refuel or possibly drop of fuel as we saw a boat waiting to be called in.




So as we travelled guess who we came across Tanuki, so we talked on the radio and made plans to come to an anchorage and get together.


Decided to get together on their boat for dinner. Great plan I did not want to cook.Tanuki is a Great Harbour 37 feet.  Pretty boat.

DSC02082 (4).JPG

We got to watch a small air show on our way up the bay.  Blue Angels were doing a performance over the water.  WE are approaching Annapolis and going to anchor about 8 miles from there.  Our approach to the anchorage is pretty hectic so I will update you later on that.





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