So I stated we were getting together with Tanuki and as we came down the Bay we can see the bridge for Annapolis.  We are anchoring out in a Bay about 6 miles by water from Annapolis.100_9080.JPG

100_9083.JPGYou can see we are a long ways away yet.  And I believe I stated the Blue Angels were doing a show in Annapolis and everyone in Maryland with a boat is their to watch them we must have had 500 boats going every which way in front of us after the show to get back home it ended at 4:00.

DSC02082 (4).JPG





Talk about rough seas trying to get to our anchorage Shelby Cove , Edgewater.


We were rocked every which way.



Arrived safely at our anchorage in Shelby Cove, Edgewater, Maryland John and I stayed here 2 days and Jerry and Sam left the next morning for Annapolis.



This was a nice quiet little Bay.


John and I the next day went into town to explore walked about a mile to a grocery store for bread.


Went back to the boat and worked on cleaning all day.  Nice to just get done some things you need to do leisurely.




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