Pasquantank River







Some big homes along this river stretch we are not in the dismal swamp yet.



Just by chance caught a picture of an Osprey.  We are now heading into the dismal swamp.



This is 22 miles long and their is a vistors centre about half way for us to stop for the nite.





Now this is all park so there are walking trails bicycle trails all along the starboard side.  They have rest areas, picnic tables and public washrooms for people to use.  It may not look like much but it is beautiful.


This is where we parked for the nite at the Visitors Centre.  It has a swing bridge for people to travel from one side to the other to visit both centre’s.


Now you see they say rest rooms well we arrived and it was temperature inside the boat was in the 90 it was hot the restrooms are air conditioned so guess where I spent some time to cool down.  Just kidding the office was air conditioned as well.DSC01829.JPG

A little lizard on the dock.  WE arrived and Au Contraire- Mike and Jeradine was there as well as another sailboat Eric and Debra and John and I and Bob N Along- Bob and Natalie.  We all had some snacks and told more stories.









2 thoughts on “Pasquantank River

  1. We loved the Dismal Swamp. Very natural. We made some good friends at this stop. You are lucky John because you don’t need to worry about the trees as we did with the sailboat. Be safe my friends. See you in Lake Simcoe. Can’t wait.


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