Bald Head Island, NC

So we followed everyone into Bald Head Island and stayed at the marina for 3 days.  One day recovery, 2 days to explore and if I was to look at a place to stay or buy it would be on this Island.  It is fantastic.


This is from the Lighthouse we visited and I climbed 108 stairs plus a ladder to get to the top for the view,  PA it is worth it.





This is the view from the top I have taken pictures from all the angles to view the island, marina, golf course, ocean and marina.



That is the main land and a ferry runs to the island every fortyfive minutes.  Everything is golf carts.


Thats the marina , restaurant and houses, the shopping grocery store and shopping centre is in the middle of the Island.




Now I am not the greatest with heights and the walk up here was not my idea so enough about today their is still tomorrow.DSC01457.JPG





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