Pipeline anchorage

So here we met up with the other boats to go for dinner.  Tender -Dee &Jocelyn,Au Contraire -Mike &Redina and Tanuki- Jerry & Sam.  Great people only Tanuki is doing the loop.




This is the anchorage and this is us at dinner Josephs Italian Bistrow it was busy but they fit us in to our own private room and the food was excellent.



The restaurant is right where that marina is.  We all went by digny.


The next morning everyone was moving on and Tanuki asked if we wanted to come to a marina he was heading to Cape Fear or Bald Head Island.  Now John and I would not have picked this marina as it is to close to the ocean but we came in and are really glad we did..




Thats the ocean and we are headed towards the lighthouse.


It is beautiful.  Glad we followed.


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