Bald Head Island exploring

So I have already shown you pictures from the lighthouse.DSC01464.JPG

We took the bikes and explored the island it is beautiful.  Now that lighthouse is 108 steps then a ladder to the top.


Remember no cars on the road only bikes and golf carts.


This is one of the golf courses.



Now on Sunday nite the moon is full so every full moon everyone goes tot he beach and howls at the moon.  Jerrys cousin had us all for supper and we went to the beach and Howled at the moon.  They have bag pipes and food and lots of people.  Great time was had by all.


Sunset.  And now the moon.20180429_193632.jpg






And here is our crew howling at the moon.  The moon and even the bag piper is in the background.  Great evening was had by all.


Our transportation was scored by Jerrys cousin for 3 golf carts to take us a couple of miles to the other shore.  I cannot say enough about southern hospitality.




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