Leaving Charleston

Now everyone said we should stay put but I’d rather be at anchor than in a marina.


It is raining so hard I can hardly find the markers.  When we left it was not really bad the further we got out the worst it was.


AS you can see it is raining and we decided with the wind as well we were not going to anchor but find a marina I hope.  No picture taking to day I’m afraid.


Still some nice homes.


So we pulled into this little spot.  And unique it is but the friendliest people they helped us in and we were soaked and they said we could use the washer and drier at no charge.

Now John tried to turn the TV on and we got water in the TV that’s how hard it rained. Here is the TV now. John tried to fix but to no avail.DSC01192.JPG

It is  a small community that pretty much got whipped out by Hugo years ago and they rebuilt.











Went to the fish market and got shrimp and scallops and crab dip.  Just fantastic folks.





2 thoughts on “Leaving Charleston

  1. The TV does not look well. Reminds me of the motorcycle Rod and Lon bought when we were on the farm and took apart. That was the end of it. Calling for snow here today.


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