Left McCellanville,SC

So we left the marina and thank goodness we pulled in their yesterday as it rained so hard you could not even stand on the back deck.  It is a shrimp and fish town as witness below.


This is the marina and the side of our boat, and below is the entrance with some pretty nice houses.





Marsh on one side of the ICW houses on the other but the marsh is not much protection from the ocean if a storm blows in.




Another boat this one in the Georgetown anchorage.  It may have been the storm yesterday as it is not in bad shape.  So we put the dingy down and went into town.


This sign was posted at the dingy dock and another dock.  Wow I wonder how they came up with that amount for the fine seems an odd number.


Checked out the local pubs and then ran into this little guy living under the walkway and waiting for food.




Now according to the owner of the restaurant this is one of three baby alligators that live there, they have just come out of hibernation.

DSC01250.JPG Now that’s a prop.  This just outside the maritime museum.


More tomorrow.












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