Remember that little creek I talked about the current was 5 knots and we were doing 8 knots just to get up it so it was a slow haul at 3 knots. DSC01155.JPG

So we arrived in Charleston and need to get some provisions so the marina took us to a grocery store and picked us up after.DSC01157.JPG




This was the grocery store and quite the little place it is great food and selection.


Our boat is under the bridge a little but this bridge does have quite the curve to it.

Now below is the door which is locked and goes onto a front veranda.  These houses are called singles.  They have single family dwelling front porch is long and the house is not very wide.  They have another on the other side reverse.  Really quite nice.



Another boat stranded.  And then it is goodnight.  Now I could not get the sunset very well because I had 2 big boats in the way.  Tomorrow we go to see the ships.








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