Left Church Creek


This is low tide and what we woke up to in the morning this is at the back of our boat.  I slept like a baby last nite no noise, no other boats nearby it was great.DSC01121.JPG

So we are off and on our way north.




There are a lot of nice homes along the river, and not sure if you can tell but their walkways to get to the river is sometimes almost 1/2  a mile.  Guess they take their lunch to go fishing a the end of their docks.


So we were heading north on the ICW when we heard a tug ask us to stay back and give them room so we backed up and anchored off the channel while they came past.


We were just about at the bridge.  When we backed down and went back the way we came.DSC01149.JPG

And then the second one as well.


Two in one day, go figure.  Now this channel below has a lot of current so we had to pick it up a bit to get through.



We arrived in Charleston to do some touring and took a slip mainly because the weather was not the greatest and the anchorages were pretty full and a few damaged ones as well.




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