Black Point Harbour

We stayed 2 nites at Black Point Harbour went in search for sea beans found a hamburger bean.

Went to the bar to have a drink and while here Ice- T from Law and Order Special Victims Unit was there doing charity on saving the turtles.  Did not get a picture of him but it was amazing to see him there with his family.


Saw this castle on our tour of the area in our dingy.



This is where I found my first sea bean it looks like a hamburger.




Another sunset and I seem to always find a sailboat in front.


Heading for Muska Cay tomorrow.








2 thoughts on “Black Point Harbour

  1. The sailboat just adds to the beauty. I was wondering when yoyr next post would be. I thought something had happened. I am meeting with Robin for lunch next Friday. She is getting a replacement knee in April. Miss you!


  2. Wow. Great pictures. Used to be my duty back in the day but you’ve got me beat. Apart from some unsettled seas you have had clear sunny weather. What a bonus. Hope all continues well and you get the great weather that you deserve. We are thinking of you.


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