Allens Cay day 2

So we stayed one more nite in Allens Cay and watched a boat come in with passengers to take them to the beach to feed the Iguanas.  Now this is what not to do!  They arrived at high tide and pulled the boat into shore so the good looking ladies could walk in easily.DSC08788.JPG

As you can see they stayed a little to long and are now high and dry.  They cannot get off the beach.  Had to send rescue to get the people of the island and 2 guys had to stay until 10PM for high tide to get off.



Now this guy had to back up quite a bit to make sure he did not get stuck as well but they picked up the passengers and left.




Now there are two.


Then the barrel on the beach is under water that is high tide and then they can go.  It did not happen until 10 that nite so they had a long wait.


This is the best I can do for sunset.  And John is busy cooking it found it a little cold.




DSC08809 (3).JPG


Wow what a suck he can be sometimes.  It is never cold just windy.




One thought on “Allens Cay day 2

  1. I like the BBQ. I think there is one just like it at the bottom of Georgian Bay! You know I am not a boater, but why would anyone park a boat at high tide and expect to get back out again at low tide. Not a fun trip though. So funny. Nice hat John.


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