Highbourne Cay

So in the morning we were on the move heading to the anchorage outside Highbourne Cay.

DSC08816 (2).JPG

It is a little rough heading over to the new anchorage and I would highly recommend not anchoring where we did we had a surge and rocked and rolled.


I always close all the hatches and windows as you get sea salt coming in and all over.  John did a nice job in the washroom by opening one of the hatches.  I had a long cleaning up to do.



I know you cannot see it but the surge is to powerful we stayed and the guys took the dingy into the marina around the corner.  Not super friendly and if we wanted to walk around it was $25.00 to check it out.  The guys came back and we stated we would go somewhere else.


By the way this sailboat had his sails all ripped apart not sure if he repaired or had new ones.


Left here and headed out to sea again.  By the way my birthday was a little rough to start and this anchoring and re-anchoring is hard work.



Saw this on shore looks pretty beat up.  The winds are still from the east and this is well protected no surge.


So we came to rest at Normans Cay and a beautiful spot it is.  Here’s the sunset.



I am going to keep trying to see that green light I have heard about at sunset as I am not great at getting up in the morning for sunrise.  Tomorrow we plan to explore,

PS John cooked me dinner it was great and yogurt for desert no candle.  Now I get another pension.



4 thoughts on “Highbourne Cay

  1. Happy Birthday Kara. Bet you never thought you would ever spend ANY Birthday on your boat in the BAHAMAS! A dream come true!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Kara! Hope you had a great day!
    Norman’s Key is were Pablo Escobar used to fly the drugs into Florida from. In the south end by the new marina you can see some of the ruins still there. Also in the cut there is an airplane that you can see in low tide. We use to have happy hour at the one palm tree island and anchor right at the cut next to it.


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