Allens Cay

Heading for Allans Cay, now they said it would be east winds 2 feet height, so we took advantage of the weather.  It got a little more the further out we got and we got rocked but guess what the Captain is great at making me feel comfortable and no man overboard.  DSC08742.JPG

This is the first picture I took as we arrived as I could not stand nor could I take pictures. The crossing was just 4 hours so I managed.


This is the protected inlet we came to Allens Cay South.



So we anchored and awaited for Pier Pressure to join us or to go another Bay and low and behold here they are.







After we got settled we had Eric and Pam come over fora  Painkiller after a long hard day we all deserved it.


Now the IGUANA’S here are not as colorful as all the others I have shown you before but there are hundreds of them on the beach just waiting for people to feed them.  Had a great nites sleep and tomorrow more exploring.


As you can see the winds have picked up and the waves are crashing into the rocks.





These rocks are sharp and it looks like Carol but out of the water.  The ocean sure does change things.





Johns going in to give them some celery and fatten them up.  I just don’t trust them stayed in the dingy.







Don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we may be stuck here for 4 or 5 days due to the winds and strength.  What do you think of the water now that’s our boats there.



6 thoughts on “Allens Cay

  1. You stayed next to us at Heritage harbor Ottawa il just checking on you guys looks beautiful have fun we like following your page
    Jim and Trish


  2. John is so brave. I am on your side. Stay safe. Thats a lot of iguanas. Ugly and big. Groundhogs don’t seem so bad any more. LOL! Water is breathtaking. I think the color of the water is my favourite. So beautiful and relaxing.


  3. Well tomorrow you officially turn “you know what”. LOL!
    There are lots of deer been out at the cemetery.
    The water is so beautiful. I should have taken a year off and gone with yous. Wish I was there.


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