Okay we made it to Nassau, lots of cruise ships.DSC08709.JPG


Cruise ship with lots of toys for everyone.  Now we did not know that when you arrive at the harbour you announce your boat  and registration numbers for them to allow you to pass through.  We did as we heard others on the radio.  Stated we were anchoring out the other side.


A few people may recgonize this casino and hotel I believe Arron helped build it.





So we went through the downtown core and came out the other side to join Pier Pressure and anchor out  they said we would only have 5 knots winds they lied but I’ll tell you more on that in a bit.

We anchored here.


And Pier Pressure was 100 feet away we went over by dingy and had a couple of drinks.


We started getting rocked real bad, but we did not move until we got into bed and then we got rocked out of bed.  Jumped up and pulled up anchor.  remember out boat is only 17,000 lbs.  so we are like a cork.  Winds were most likely 15 to 20 knots and a currents so we got tossed each way.  Pulled anchor and went back into Nassau and anchored where all the sail boats are.  It was calm.  Slept like a baby.



Parked our boat here at 11:30 at night and this was our view in the morning.  The waters inside were pretty calm and the only thing you got was the wakes from passing traffic.

John and I went shopping and toured around it really is a tourist town.





There she be our home.


This is low tide and we had to climb down to the dingy to get back to the boat.


Had to take a picture of this sign in a store.


Pier Pressure went to a marina for the 2nd nite and we stayed put in the anchorage.  That allowed me to sleep.  Leaving early tomorrow after we get fuel to head to another island.




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