Chubb Key

Hope I spelled this right,  we got up and off we are.


This was the sunrise.  Although we thought we might stay at Chubb Key when we found out the price we decided it was better to carry on.  But we did stop at the dock  where they told us we could not do a walk around we could come by dingy to the restaurant only.  So here are my pictures of this place.DSC08698.JPG





So we carried on to Nassau.  Caught up to Pier Pressure who have done the loop already so we pressured them into letting us tag along.

More to come.




3 thoughts on “Chubb Key

  1. Glad you are safe and having a great trip. Great pictures. Anchoring at sea. That’s a challenge. Must of had a lot of anchor rode. They wouldn’t let you no the island. I wonder who phoned ahead. HaHa.
    Have been following your trip and enjoying it.
    Stay safe and remember as Winston used to say we wish you “fair winds and following seas”.
    Jim & Linda


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