Bimini here we come

So we were up and on our way at 6:36 AM.


So we crossed we could still see Miami about 20 miles out,  it was not so bad when we started and we really did do well but we did get 3 footers to some as big as 6.  If we did not have to pound it was a good crossing we only had a few where we pounded the waves.



It does not look great through the plastic but this was 20 miles out and that is goodby Miami.


Now about 10 miles out we could see Bimini.


Now look at the color of the water.  WE arrived North Bimini by 12 noon.




This is where we parked at Big Game Marina to check in for our cruising pass and immigration.


Once done we came back to the boat only to find we had a condo parked next to us.


What a beautiful boat brought it up the St.Lawrence last November to bring south in the Atlantic.


Lots of fish in the water but my cameera is not good enough to really take pictures.  We decided to stay at the Marina for tonite and maybe rent a gold cart tomorrow and go touring.


By the way this is paradise the water is so clear and you can see down 12 feet or more.



6 thoughts on “Bimini here we come

  1. Congratulations on a safe crossing! Well worth the wait I’m sur. A six hour crossing, what speed did you run going across?


  2. What a coincidence. We went to Snook’s Bayfront Restaurant today for lunch. There was a 26.5 ft. Bayliner docked there flying the Canadian flag, the deck covered in gas cans and we are thinking WHAT !!! So we had to talk with the captain. We talked for a while about the loop etc. and then asked about the boat being small for the trip. The captain said he would like to have a 3877 Bayliner. We said our friends had just come through with a 38 doing the loop. The captain asked their names and we said John and Kara. They were dumbfounded because they know you. Casey and Kerry Philippi. Small world!!!!


  3. We LOVE sharing this adventure with you guys through your blog. We are thrilled you guys are having such an adventure of a lifetime!
    Steve & Sandy Weston


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