No Name Harbour

So we are parked in No Name Harbour great spot.


Took a tour of the town and caught a couple of blimps before heading out.







Walked through the park to get back to our boat.  By the way the lizards are smaller here so far.






Well our anchor gave way at three o’clock in the morning and someone else there dog was barking and they saw we were drifting and got up to let us know.  We tied up on the wall and John had to fix our anchor the next morning so again he walked to town to mark our chain and clean the anchor.



Went out an anchored again after everything was done and had a drink on the boat we were going to go to Bimini with in the morning.



Now this is the restaurant in the Bay and everyone drives to eat there or comes by boat.  It is full everyday from about 11 AM to 10 at nite.  It is Cuban food, People all over Miami come there.

Well tomorrow we head out and at 8:00 we got a call from the buddy boat they had generator problems and needed to take care of before leaving.  So John and I are on our own.  I still want to go.


So I never did get to walk to the lighthouse but had to buy this namesake KB my initials to remind me what it looked like.  We were just so busy getting things ready we ran out of time.



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