Left LaBelle for Okeechobee Lake

So we traveled past Mary’s rental place and came upon Lake Okeechobee.


I think this might be Sugar Cane.  As I explained before the last 2 locks just open the doors but when we came to the last lock we went through a swing bridge for a train.  We thought it was not in use.


Who knew when we got to the other side the bridge swung and a train goes through. United States Sugar Corporation and they are carrying Sugar Cane.




This is Lake Okeechobee looks like a large swamp.  One side is all rock and built up the other side swamp.


100_8434 (2).JPG

100_8436 (2).JPG

100_8437 (2).JPG

Not sure what bird this is the previous was eagle and Osprey.





I am using my other Camera now as my Sony is not working great right now.  Hope it lasts me.


We kept heading downriver until we pulled in for the night at Roland Martins Marina, Clewiston, Florida.  Now John and I both thought we were lost as we looked to starboard for a Marina.  We thought we had to go through another lock.




And here we have arrived at the Marina, it has a restaurant very busy with the locals and great food.  They have entertainment and the town is very big.  Several hardware stores and RadioShack.

John has decided he wants to do some work on the boat so we are here for 2 days we will most likely use the courtesy car tomorrow.



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