Clewiston, Florida

So we are staying an extra day at the marina.DSC07934.JPG

We are right across from the Corps of Engineers US Army.  They have a large number of buildings but not much happening as it is the weekend.  Used the car and took a tour of the town and picked up a couple of things.


Never been in a Beals store before so gave it a try.  Picked up some shorts.




They have a lot of rental property and this is a great fishing area they have a fishing derby going on today,.DSC07953.JPG



Now my day would not be complete without a couple of these.




Don’t know what they call these but they are super loud when they screech.  Having the time of my life.  But do wish it would warm up a bit the butter is still hard need to get further south.  HAHA




2 thoughts on “Clewiston, Florida

  1. Kara, FYI, Bealls and Bealls Outlet is the most popular department store in Florida, very reasonable in men and women’s clothing. If you see another one along the way, drop in again. Love your pictures of the dolphins, the one out of the water is exceptional. It is supposed to warm up starting tomorrow. Enjoying your blogs. Safe journey! Dale and John


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