So we tied up and decided to stay 2 nites at a free City dock.  You could not ask for anything more.DSC07891.JPG

John had to put the chair out for me to get off the boat on the front.


John and Mary checking out the Rotary Engine.



We had supper at Mary’s trailer she rented.  Cute little place and a lovely group of people as neighbours.  Now it was super cold so we put blankets on all the flowers.  The view was great and this is the river we will be going on tomorrow or the next day from Mary’s front yard.






Mary took us home and we made plans to go shopping and she come to the boat for dinner the next night.  Great time was had by all.


Mary and Gizmo if I spelled that correct.  Had a great meal played cribbage and slept in late.


Left LaBelle and Mary the next morning and continued down the river.  Guess who’s rental property we came past.????


Not this one the next one.  Gottcha



Mary’s place is just behind her.  And how many years did she work at FEDEX


Now the next 2 locks Ortona and the other when you go in to let the water in they just open the gates it is not so gradual we were so surprized.  You do hold a line but the water coming in is pretty wild the gates are open about 2 feet.

Stopped at Moore Haven and could have got a slip for a $1.00 a foot but we decided to carry on.


By the way Lake Okachobee is not what I thought I would see.





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