So we parked for the night at Cortez Bridge North the Coast Guard station is just behind us.  Nice anchorage it is a slow zone and they really do go slow.


Now we are anchored right next to some abandoned boat and this one both John and I cried about, It is the same as our boat 10 years newer and has been abandoned for 2 years.



DSC07250 (2).JPG

Lots of boats sunk or abandoned such a shame not sure what the state does but some homeless people live in them.  John took me out or supper and we picked up Casey and Kerry and went to the Seafood Marina Cortez, Florida right next the bridge.


Great meal and our car ran just fine.DSC07253.JPG

Food was great and I had to take a picture in the washroom of the mirrors.DSC07254.JPG



These birds are amazing.  So we are off for the next adventure.




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