Sarasota Bay heading for Venice

Now it is not Venice France but Venice Florida but I like to tease everyone.


Big houses and a beautiful Bay to boot.





I guess they have a convention on one of the islands in the mango trees there must have been a hundred of them just resting normally I am not quick enough to see them drop from the sky and dive in and get fish to eat.  They are comical.



They have all these canals for people on the waterfront to store their boats in front of their place and most take out of the water.


Either setting or picking up their crab pods.


Now this was one impressive house just don’t run around naked. Yikes.


Still no Manatee to be found.


Now theses houses are on the shoreline with the Gulf of Mexico in their back yard and the ICW in their front yard or whichever way you want to look at it! Gulf on Front and ICW on back.


You don’t want to miss any markers.  We are heading for The Crowsnest in Venice..

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