St. Petersburg

WE arrived at Gulf Port Marina St. Petersburg hoping John and I both get a good rest to fight the cold.  I am recovering John is not so good.


Nice Marina and town, we called a lady that runs a volunteer electric car to take us shopping.  She did and we got groceries and supplies so we can continue to get well.  John even allowed me to put Vicks on his chest and bottom of his feet.  It actually helped.


John just checking things out.



Got one photo of a squirrel while waiting for the electric car.  This is also Crow Haven as we must have had 100 crows flying around.DSC07214.JPG


Left the marina to make our way to another spot.  Goodbye St. Petersburg hello Tampa Bay.


They do love their bridges  and dolphin watching.DSC07222.JPG

DSC07223 (2).JPG

I have never seen so many Osprey.  This is not a great picture but just showing you where they perch all the time.




This is the bridge that when I talked to Cameron on the phone said I wanted to go under it.  We did not but I did get some great shots of it.



A sunken ship out of the channel, by the way we still have to watch for crab pods they are everywhere.  Also Ghost ships. on Tampa Bay.

DSC07242 (2).JPG

Crossing Tampa Bay and back into the ICW need to anchor soon.







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