So we stayed an extra day at Carrabelle to join others to do the crossing.  Casey and Kerry left on their own but met up with some other slow boats and crossed a day ahead of us.


This is the marina and we had a meeting at 2:00 to discuss our crossing on Saturday leaving about 3:00. Tasteful Traveller, Odyssey, Seeker and Crowsnest.





So DSC07052.JPG

So we all left to begin the journey across the Gulf of Mexico.


After passing this marker we are now in the Gulf. Yippee! This is exciting. Leaving Carrabelle to here and across to a marina it will be 160 miles non-stop.


This is the sky as we left and the sunset.




So we are off and running approximately 8 or 8.5 mph and the waters where as calm as anything.  I may have slept 2 hours in total and John the same we both have the cold.  This is the moon as it came up as we have a full moon the whole crossing as well as dolphins jumping on the bow of all our boats.


As we travelled all the boats did a check in every hour on the hour ,roll call to say and there where a few other boats out there as well that also joined in we never saw them but heard on the radio. Much later as the moon is descending on the other side of our boat I took these pictures.


Wild aye this is the wake at the back of the boat the moon and somehow our green light on the back deck on the wave as well as the moon reflection. I love it.


I finally turned the green light off and took these it almost looks like a hand in the water going up to catch a mermaid it is all reflections from the moon.  But a wow factor.



The next pictures are the sunrise and approaching land on the other side.





These are the pics of our crossing buddies.




We are still 18 miles from the shore and there are crab pods everywhere it is like going through a mine field dodging them.  It is really hard to see them in the sunlight.


We arrived at Tarpon Springs and were suppose to go to Turtle Cove but they did not have a slip so we arrived at the City Marina at 11:30 tired and cannot get in there as well we tried to even go in forward but you cannot put a 13.6 ft wide boat in a 12 foot slip we could not move the posts.

So friendly Herb got us a spot next door at $2.50 a foot and they wanted an extra $25.00 for electricity.  We stayed only because we were tired we did not take electricity.  Herb is the Harbour Host for Tarpon Springs and a great guy but I would not recommend Tarpon Springs to anyone better to go to Clearwater.



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