Tarpon Springs

We tied up and went for a walk around town we were hungry and tired.  Stopped had lunch then took a quick tour of a tourist town that every 20 feet someone is trying to sell you a cruise or something or talk you into visiting a restaurant or boat tour.  Never before have I said no so many times in a few short blocks.




Lots of Greek restaurants to choose from, John and I went back to boat John is really feeling tough so I made chicken noodle soup and we went to bed about 7:00.DSC07128.JPG

Took this picture as we were leaving Tarpon Springs they also have some nice homes and lots of birds.



Well I got one more fin from a dolphin as we were leaving.


I believe we are on our way to Clearwater to catch up to Casey.  On the way we spotted this Osprey.


I know its is boring but every marker has an Osprey sitting on it or flying with their lunch to one.




DSC07155 (2).JPG

DSC07157 (2).JPG


We had to take our antennas down to get under this bridge.


Until tomorrow



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