Demopolis Leaving

These are my little friends just behind our boat in Demopolis.


We rushed out and picked up some food at our favourite spot WalMart then stopped at the second favourite store $ General.


We left first thing in the morning in the fog.  Start time was 6:30 wow its been a long time since I looked at an alarm clock.



By the time we got through the lock it was clear.  This is what the other side had in store for us.  Beautiful.




This was spectacular how much water comes over the dam.


I guess they have not used this bridge in a long time.


The change in scenery is incredible.



We met Magic at Demopolis and traveled with him and Indepence for a few hours and would meet up later as well.



By the way every turn in the river brings a different look.




DSC06322 (2).JPG

I keep myself entertained by taking pictures of everything I can find.  This little Kingfisher is one of the better things to take a picture of.


So by 4:00 oclock we must stop or it gets to dark and we won’t do the river in the dark.  Our original stop was going to be Mile 178 but we had a barge tell us that was not safe us us to stay so we traveled to this bridge and literally tied up to it.



Don’t know if you can see the line we ran around the pillar very well but that is what we did and tucked in for the nite.


This was out view at dusk.  Mile 165.5 AL 10 Bridge.  When we got up in the morning we had a lot of wood ships from the transport trucks all over our boat that came from the bridge above.

Now just to mention that while John tied the boat by taking the dingy down I had to keep the boat stable on the bridge and in place without damaging our boat or the bridge.  I had to get a drink after that.


Left the anchorage early in the morning again and headed for Bobby Fish Camp.





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