Howell Helfin Lock and Dam

Well I showed you were we anchored at the bottom of the lock in the Big Bee river.  I got up early as it was quite cool to take some pictures.DSC06202.JPG



It was very misty on the water and I took a nice picture of Caseys boat and a few others.




When I turned next to check out Casey his anchor had given way mostly likely because of the launch ramp and fishing boats that came in early and he was heading for the mouth of the river.


Called on the phone to get him and he finally answered John went out and gave a hand to reset his anchor until we leave.


Another good day on the river.



This is pure white solid rock.  beautiful from a distance.


It looks like a tunnel at the base of the bridge.




I have not got bored yet with the river it brings something new every day.  This will be a long day as we are going to Demopolis King Fisher Bay Marina it is 49.7 miles today.


WE go south then north then east then south then west.  We are all over the map but that is our boat showing on the screen.



Lots of homes still on the river and on stilts I think it is now regulation you build your house up out of harms way.


Every few miles they have the boat launches for fisherman you see them all day long.



As we came near this rock cliff we saw 2 baby deer trying to climb back up the steep face but they where unable to I tried to talk John into helping them get to land but that was impossible as a tow was coming.


Hypnotic a boat behind us a few miles stated the deer where swimming across the river to the other side.  I do hope they made it.


Here is that moss on the trees again.


Not sure if this guys was trying to burn his house down or just the front porch.


Made it to Demopolis and tucking in for a couple of nites.  Meet Hypnotic and went out to dinner with them to the Big Red Barn a local restaurant that locals eat at which means it must be good.   Had a great evening with Lili and Tom they left in the morning to carry on down river.


Once we arrived 15 looper boats all arrived as well. Nice evening.

So for the next couple of days you most likely will not see anything from me as we may not have any service phone or internet it is hit and miss.  Next stop after anchoring will be Bobby Fish on the river and thats a 100 miles from here we could make it but the others we travel with could not so we anchor out.






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