Bobby Fish Camp

Okay so down the grape fine everyone talks about the best catfish ever at Bobby’s so that’s where we are headed for.




Turkey vultures.

DSC06357 (2).JPG



Now at one point we had to turn the AIS off as it was going off so mush if we had a tow or another boat anywhere near the collision course was going off and they wher 4 miles away around a corner and at times so close we could see them on the other side of the river.




Still lots of tows.



Houses are still on stilts they still get washed out.


To look at the water it must be how I take the picture as the water is not that blue it is muddy.


This is Bobby’s we arrived and we had 7 boats tied and rafted to stay the night.  We all went in for dinner for the catfish.  Since I have never ate catfish before it was my first experience and delicious it was.





Now this is all the  boaters who ate at Bobby’s.  For some reason it came up about Grits and I had to tell everyone about my dinner with Hypnotic and how they reeled me in about Grits.  Tom told me while John was away from the table that down south they have Grit trees in the back yard and these much like grapefruit grow on the trees and they pick them put them on their porch to dry out so the outside is similar to a coconut and hard.  Once dry they place sheets on the ground and use a grit hammer to break them into pieces and then they gather them up and put in boiling water to make the grits.  I was so taken that when he said he was pulling my leg I could not help myself but laugh at how gullible I was.  You had to be there and have Tom tell it it is believable.

So I have a new name with all these people Grit Girl.


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