Columbus Marina

We pulled into Columbus Marina ahead off the other boats and since the vehicle can only take 4 people John and I borrowed it to go shopping.  Guess where WalMart.DSC06106.JPG

This is the entrance to Columbus Marina.


We decided to stay at the marina 2 nites as it was raining all nite and the next day.  Good thing as it was pretty cold and nice to have the heater on.  Did my laundry and caught up on a few things.


Left the next day heading down the river.


This guy is loading up trucks with scrap metal from the barge.


Some pretty wild looking houses on the river.


WE even got to Nashville. HaHa.  This little town or village is spread over a wide area but very impressive.

Now this is in the middle of nowhere, but if you needed help or where stranded I guess it would work. Or maybe it is there for Superman.


WE are heading for Pickensville, AL to anchor and visit a museum actually we stayed the nite in Lubbub Creek the other side of the lock, as the spot we picked did not look safe and the marina was closed around the corner.

DSC06156 (2).JPG

Now I cannot tell which is male and which is female but they do look wonderful.




Not sure if he is asleep or just had better days.


This is the museum and ship we were going to visit but it is closed not sure if it is for the season or closed permanently.



This is where we anchored for the nite Lubbub Creek this creek goes all the way around to the other end and into the river.  Left here to go to another anchorage for tomorrow nite.  Very cold when we got up in the morning.

DSC06183 (2).JPG

My first Kingfisher this whole trip we see lots of them but they are so fast I just cannot get a picture of them.  They have a beautiful sound to them as well as very graceful.



Do you see the moss on the trees it was only for a few miles but this is what the trees are covered in.  John stated we would see a lot more of this further south.  I think I am looking forward to it as it is cold at nite.  I hear at home we got snow.  No white stuff here yet.


So we locked through at Howell Helfin Lock and Dam cam out an turned to the starboard to a nice river BigBee River to anchor for the nite.



We are right next a boat launch but it is really pretty and well protected. Until tomorrow thats it folks.  Love ya all.DSC06195.JPG





One thought on “Columbus Marina

  1. Looks like it’s still t-shirt weather there though, not like the -15C we had overnight to go with the 10cm’s of snow 😦


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