Anchor Out Tadpole Creek

So plan B was this anchorage Blue Bluff Recreational Centre, free docks, free Hydro if you had 200 feet of cable and they had washrooms as well as outside showers. Here are some pics to share.



John went for a walk and took a picture of the lock we would be going through tomorrow.



A little Killdeer on the dock making a lot of noise.



Now it was a little difficult coming into this bay as you definitely must pay attention to the markers.  Casey did run up in the mud and the guys went out to get him and bring his boat into the dock..

Now we are off to our next destination.



I got this Blue Heron sitting on a stump and he has his protection with him the turtle.



Now here I must tell you there are many floating islands on the river this is one of them with a hitch hiker.


Here the train has just gone through you can still see the tracks!!!!!!!




Now I tried to convince John to stop and catch one of these turkeys for the American Thanksgiving coming up but alas he would not do so.






On our way to Columbus Marina need to get provisions from WallMart to last us up to 2 weeks just in case.


The marina is just around the corner.





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