Leaving Grand Harbour Marina

Well with the trips from Memphis and Chattanooga under our belt by car we are now leaving the marina.DSC05940.JPG



This is the view from the marina.  The trees are changing colours.


We have left the Yellow River and are now doing the ditch.  This is really pretty and they maintain the grass and roadway on both sides.I spotted this fox walking up the rocks.




You will find these all along the river it helps to regulate the stumps and water and regulate the water to save damage on the shore.


Still lots of barges along the way this river is wide so not a problem passing, it will get tighter down the river.

We anchored in Bay Springs Lake in one of the fingers called Lock and Dam Road.

As we were anchoring this school of fish came under our boat.





There are 5 different fingers in this lake and we toured them by dingy. We stayed 2 days and it was great.


I did manage to catch an eagle in the air.  And later I caught one in a tree.DSC06015 (2).JPG


Her we are in the bay.  Next day we moved on.



We anchored off to the side at Fulton Lock on the port side of the marker in the channel.  We can anchor but need to watch for the barges coming out of the lock and make sure we are holding.  The shore line is a walkway for people and the road is just below them on the other side.




The next morning I stated to John that I was going to lock us through so I did at the next 3 locks.


Here’s John managing the lines I did a great job so I finally put my Admirals Hat on. The girls will be so proud of me.

DSC06052 (2).JPG


We are on the TomBigbee and I’m back to bird watching.


DSC06058 (2).JPG

DSC06063 (2).JPG



WE tried to come into this marina however they said they had 6 feet and we came to a full stop as we only had 2 feet.  Cormarant 2 could not get in.  So we went to plan B.  Anchor again.DSC06077.JPG







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