Rather misleading but we left Ginger Bay and came to Paris Landing State Park Marina, Buchanan, TN. Nice docks but nothing to really do the park is 840 acres they have a golf course but you need transportation to anywhere you go.


These are the travel pictures for the day.


Nice houses along the way but only on one side the other side of the river is park.



You would get your exercise on these stairs to get to the dock.

Well we arrived after a long day and no one wanted to cook so I suggested what the marina stated and that was Pizza from TNT.



You know for being on the boat for almost 4 months now it really is fairly tidy.


This Blue Heron was on the dock beside our boat while we ate.


Now this one just decides to stay on the roof across from our boat.


This is the Coast Guard right across from our boat as well.  Guess they have a few markers to put out there.



Now I had to take a picture of this house boat don’t know exactly how he can steer his boat but it was a fun picture.



There are tons of houseboats down this way now some winterize and some do not they stay in the water all year plugged into hydro.  Some not all live on the boat all year.


Now we stayed 2 days and have lots of leftover pizza to last a week. So we are heading out tomorrow to a new harbour.


PS They have had up to 500 fishing boats for fishing derby’s at this marina.






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