Pebble Isle Marina New Johnsonville,TN

We are still in Kentucky Lake but on the Tennessee River.DSC05117.JPG



At one spot on the river we saw three of these going across the river to bring hydro to the other side.  Rather amazing how high and the engineering for these.  Would not want to be in the water or anywhere near if one was taken down by tornadoes.



Now we came across this unfinished bridge that only goes a quarter of the way across to the other side they have some newer buildings on it.



Now this place is the Hilton of places to stay so we tied up for the nite all three of us.



Actually this is an abandoned dock remember they flooded towns to make the lakes so I am not sure if this is part of some  of that.  but it was interesting.



Now this is the real marina we stayed at Pebble Isle great place Cinammin  Bill came out to greet us and tie us up.  In the morning at no charge he brought down 2 cinammin rolls one for each of us as well as the other boats on the dock at no charge.  I would recommend this place again Bill was fantastic.


We stayed one nite and then on to our next stop.




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