Heading to Ginger Bay

Now you have seen these before this is for the tow boats and barges to rest on.  In this lake we came across 2 tows one with 8 barges another with 10 and one tied to his side.




Surprising how much water they push at the front of these barges when they are full.


John busy trying to dry out the lines.


This is coming into Ginger Bay rather pretty.  WE got parked or anchored as I should say and then we got a call that Marshall had run aground at this opening.

We came back and pulled him off we do have some pictures of this but I am not going to show you just try to picture that Towboat Canada came to the rescue.DSC05051.JPG


After pulling him off we got parked and Corine decided she needed a drink.  So I shared my socks.


DSC05053 (2).JPG

A lone pelican on the other side of the bay.  Had a great stay here 2 days.



By the way the fisherman are so numerous we must have had 10 of these guys visit the bay and yes they did catch numerous catfish.

We took a dingy ride across the lake to a New marina under new management.  The bought it 5 weeks ago and just moved in.  It is an Amish family if I spelled that correct they do lodging and marina for the fisherman really nice people.




We were coming back to the boat and I spotted this in the tree.

DSC05069 (3).JPG

Let me know if you think this is a bald eagle or a gold eagle?


By the way the land between lakes is 170,000 acres.  They do have camping and it is beautiful.

































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