Kaskaskia River Lock Dam to River Diversion

We all headed out early to get to River Diversion an anchorage that Fern had told us about.


John and I are the lollygagers as we can sleep a half hour later than these guys under sail and can only do 6 knots.


These are the wing dams Fern is complaining about.


And I guess this wing dam did catch someone by surprise.  Or maybe it washed up there.Not a good day for this boat.

AS we traveled before getting to our anchorage for the nite we past a town that I do not know the name of and saw the Pinta and the Sainte Maria again.



All these people are lining up to take pictures and go for a tour.




So just past this we found our cover for the night.  River Diversion approximately 7 feet of water we had to anchor one behind the other and we where 5 boats then 2 more came in.



This is the Mississippi out at the mouth and we packed 7 boats in here at anchor.  Early evening we were all tired.  Next day off to I 57 as the rivers guys say.






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