Heading to Cairo

Left River Diversion which is close to Scottsville heading for Cairo.  Will anchor out again tonite.



This is where we are now and in a moment I will show you and look for the boat on the map where we are going and how we can look across the land and see where we were.  This is fun.


Don’t forget this is from our chart plotter,

DSC04676.JPGFollowing Serenity down the river.

DSC04681.JPGArrived our destination Hwy i 57 to anchor.



Just to make us feel at home we either must be by a bridge, Hwy or railway tracks.


It really was not bad a tall and the barges and tugs took it slow because of the bridge so we did not get big wash or wake.  This was at mile 8.

We all took a dingy ride, John was the Uber dingy guy and went to First Forty for a docktails they have a great boat and we all told stories.

A Bald Eagle was on the shore.

DSC04687 (2).JPG



Had another boat join us he is totally solar power he does have a generator.  Really interesting.


This was in the morning as we were getting up and John took this.

We will be leaving the Mississippi tomorrow and going to Ohio River.




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