On the river

WE left at 9:30 from Hoppies


This was just down the river don’t know what or if just someones mansion.DSC04586.JPG

You can see where the railway tracks on on the side of the river below these rocks Now when they have a flood the tracks do get covered and everyone comes out to help put up sand bags and everything.




You can see they are cutting away at the rock walls miles inland.DSC04595.JPG


Lots of work on the river and very busy.


We decided to have  docktails with all the boats tied up at Kaskaskia Lock Dam.  We even had hydro and did not pay anything as they said we could tie up for the nite to stay out of the way of barges.




Now we did have a  barge come through the lock going up but he is on the other side of the breakwall.



After a great evening with new friends and everyone had pets we went to be early to get an early start the next day.DSC04610.JPG




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