Mississippi to Ohio and on

Okay they have been having difficulty at the Locks on the Ohio they are backed up with tows and barges all along the banks.  Here is our first day.





Now this crane has balls.  Not sure if this is to weigh it down or what.


WE are escorted through the lock so we have to wait our turn.



This one is delivering toilets to the gang.


DSC04734 (2).JPG

He landed in the tree after I tried to catch him in flight.  It never is easy on a boat as you are always moving.



This is the lock wall they tied us to so from start to finish for this lock we waited 6 hours to go through as the commercial vessels get first priority.



Now it is getting late it is 5 oclock and we are going into the lock and need to make up our minds where we are going to stay as we have not had supper nor can we travel in time to the next destination in the dark.

We decide to stay on the other side of the lock on the wall similar to this one but not as high.




We were finally 13 boats in the lock to go through you do not tie up just float.


Now we get to the other side or the old lock from 100 years ago and everyone that is staying is tied up.  We tie up on the old door so you can see through everything and low and behold Sandy you won’t believe it but we have a beaver next to us.


And a big one he is just glad my boat is not wood.  HAHA

DSC04752.JPGThis is Kerry walking on the dock down to our boat.DSC04753.JPG


I think I took everyone by surprize as I took this photo with the flash.



It gets dark really fast this was not even 7:00.  Next day off to Lock 52.


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