Tall Timbers Marina

Bob at Tall Timbers marina is really great.  Cormarand 2 could not get in it was to shallow, we stayed two nites and then left.  Walked into town and had to show you this picture.DSC03907.JPG

This tree was absolutely gorgeous the color on one side only and it was the south side of the tree.

These are some of the fun pictures we took at Tall Timbers.






So that was Marshall, Casey, Corine, Kerry and I am the last.  John ran away.



Here we are trying to stay out of the sunDSC03911.JPG

The next day we left heading down the river when you talk to the locals they Life on the River.  I am beginning to feel the same.


This river is actually much higher and they have a marina for small boats down river.  All homes are on stilts.


WE followed this boat and actually came to rest in the same spot for the nite. Logston Tug service tying up on a barge.  In the meantime here are some photo’s I’d like to share.100_8228 (2).JPG

100_8229 (4).JPG

Here he is flying away.

100_8230 (3).JPG



This is the barge we were tied to for 2 days.  They actually on day 2 they had 6 other boats come in and they brought in another barge and tied them all up to it.  Remember the tugs are at the end and they may be up and out at 2 in the morning.





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