So this is Tall Timbers Marina,  It is 100% floating docks, restaurant, bar, washrooms .  Now the bar is closed for the season already and they need a little more water in the marina to allow loopers in.  When we arrived we saw another looper Scottfree they are from British Columbia, they trailer their boat from BC to SSMarie US put in water and then came to SS Marie Canada.Great couple and interesting stories.

We took a walk into town they have a Dollar store it is huge.

Now here is the pictures of the marina.  Picture this all goes up 15 ft in the air in the spring with high water.




Do you see how high it actually goes up look at the ramp to his house.


The bar the washrooms all float.


This is the mens and ladies washroom for when the bar is open it is closed for the season now and they have a separate shower and washroom for loopers under lock and key.  But his hoist for taking the boats out is way up there above the washrooms and that is where he launches boats in the spring.


It was most impressive when we walked up on the other side of the gas dock to go to town the rock cliff goes up and you walk on the ramp really steep to the top.




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