Joliet Things I missed

So the first nite we just tied up had a quick hotdog  and went to bed.  When we got up in the morning we found that Perfect Day was there but they had some bad news and Lori was flying home and Bill was on his own.  We were 5 boats on the wall in Joliet.  So we asked if they would all come  on our boat for a couple of drinks which included Ivanhoe (Tim and Ann) who have lived on their boat for 7 years now and decided to do the loop,  we had Bill, Ann and Tim, Corine and Marshal,  Casey and Kerry for a few drinks. I then cooked supper and Bill came to eat with us..

Good time by all.  Bill left the next day to take his boat further south to a marina that could put him on blocks for the winter as he was renting a car and going home to help his wife and he had the dog to contend with as well.

The next nite we had all those boat on the wall and had a get together.  Now what are the chances that someone in Chicago would see our looper flag take our picture in Chicago and she so graciously e-mailed to me.  This is the group photo in Joliet.



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