Well we spent 3 days on the wall in Joliet and it was a lot of fun met several new people and boats.  Not a lot of pictures as there was not a lot to do but some of these may bring memories.


This is the casino just across the bridge from where we are.  Now the police come by quite a lot to the park as it is not a safe place to be you do not leave your boat unattended.  John worked on his radar and Wild Willie and Cormarand 2 came in.  So we had 4 boats on the wall at that time.  Some of the people went for a walk and we stuck around and kept an eye on the boats just in case.  One of the other boats came back and John and I went for a walk to a Mexican store and bought some groceries.



These are the tugs going y us on the wall.


I tried at nite to take a picture of the harvest moon to no avail.



Now you will like this restaurant and Route 66.




We came back from shopping and and this was what was on the wall.  16 boats in total and we had a get together that nite as we are all loopers.


Had a great evening and then decided to stay another day.





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