August 15th Left Manistee

These are some of the sites when we left Manisttee heading for Ludington.  More sand dunes and some awesome beaches stretching for miles I read the sandy shore stretches for 24 miles.DSC01467.JPG


This is part of Sable Beach stretching for miles.

DSC01513.JPG Hundreds of cars drive here to enjoy the day all along the waterfront  for as far as you can see the beach is packed just like this.




This is the lighthouse at Ludington and you can take tours.  The bridge wall is a walkway all the way out to the lighthouse.  For the past 2 days the water has been going over the breakwall. 8 to 9 footers all day long.



Cam I took this picture for you.  You could build that for Akita and take her anywhere you decide to bike to.


This is one of the retired car ferries siting at the dock.


If we are stuck here to long we may decide to take the ferry across the Badger and back again it would take a day.


More to come.



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