Ludington August 16/17

So now I am going to share the Badger Story,   This ship is a little 400 feet long and takes cars and passengers to Wisconsin from Ludington 4 trips a day back and forth.  They also serve meals and have over 50 personel on board to take care of the passengers.  This is the largest steam boat I believe in the world today.  Absolutely beautiful he comes into the harbour puts down this anchor and then spins the boat around to land at the dock to allow people and cars or buses or transports off the ship.  Once in port and docked he drags his anchor back in. It is amazing to watch and I want to take a trip on it but am afraid John and I will be travelling again before we could.  Let me tell you I think taking this ship would be worth it to anyone who wants to explore the east coat of Michigan and the West coast of Michigan Lake in Wisconsin.



DSC01612 (2).JPG

Thats the lighthouse in the background they come past to come into the harbour.




This is where he puts down anchor and then just swings around to the dock.  Beautiful to watch.  He then pulls the anchor back into the vessel without it getting caught in the bottom so he is ready for the next trip.

This is the park we went into to watch the Badger come into port and take pictures.  Everything in Ludington is done perfectly all the flowers, grass cut and everything is just pristine.  Beautiful spot to come to and check out the beaches as well you can travel along the beaches  on the road about 25 miles from here.






All these statues are in the park along with a playground that would make anything in our home port look sad.


More next time, as we are still in Ludington until the weather permits us to move on.




One thought on “Ludington August 16/17

  1. You are doing a great job of keeping us up to date. I feel a lot better knowing where you are at and all the amazing pictures you are taking. Yes, I can see John having a tough time taking orders in the simulator. LOL!
    Sure looks like you are enjoying every minute of it. Love you, sis.


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